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Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals keeps block of Trump's travel banTrump asks Justice Department to investigate intelligence leaksICE arrests nearly 200 illegal immigrants in CaliforniaFormer Navy SEAL tells Katy Perry to 'go to hell' over comments for "no barriers, no borders" in the aftermath of the Manchester terror attack$6 billion wasted on one program called “$6 billion wasted on one program”   Most Read Picks: British PM Theresa May: 'The terrorists will never win'President Trump condemns 'evil losers' who carried out Manchester attackTrump's first budget sets new course away from Obama, and the GOP   Commentary: Top Democrats just endorsed a $15 minimum wage, but don't even pay their own interns that muchLoophole lets law enforcement bypass state laws on civil asset forfeiture Washington Examiner

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Philippines army battles ISIS-linked Militants using Christians and Priest as Human Shields in the city of MarawiManchester bomber Salman Abedi was reported to authorities five times for extremist views - raises questions as to why officials did not take action against the extremistUK police make two more arrests linked to Manchester suicide bombingUK police will no longer share intelligence with U.S. after Manchester attack leaked to U.S. mediaBritish Army bomb disposal squad sent into Manchester streetFull list of the 66 programs to be purged in Donald Trump's first budget - State Department and Education hit hardTrump called North Korea's Kim Jong-un 'madman with nuclear weapons' in call with DuterteSydney cafe siege: Coroner says attack was 'terrorist incident' and holds gunman responsibleISIS supporters hail and celebrate Manchester attack on social media International Business Times

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In scathing speech, Trump scolds NATO on spending and terrorAncient war for Jerusalem echoes as stones and arrowheads uncovered (New findings on ancient street confirm 1st century historian‘s account of Roman routing of Jewish rebels in 70 CE)Abbas asks Trump envoy to mediate over Palestinian hunger strikeAfter intel leak, UK freezes out US on Manchester bombingPope Francis may visit Israel to advance Trump peace pushIn police testimony Adelson says Netanyahu never discussed media dealHamas executes 3 members accused of killing terror leaderIsrael to reduce electricity to Gaza, after PA refuses to paySenate committee advances bill for new Iran sanctions Times of Isreal

Top News Stories - Photos (Watch Dog On-Line Publications) Corruption Chronicles: Judicial Watch Sues for Records about Obama White House Unmasking of Trump AssociatesRepublican Under House Ethics Probe as Dem Colleagues Get Away with Similar OffenseJudicial Watch Sues for Records about Obama White House Involvement in FCC’s Decision to Regulate InternetU.S. Yanks Scathing Report Blasting DHS for Catching Less than 1% of Visa OverstaysThe Hydraulic Power Of MoneyState Department Redacts Big Chunks of $22.8 Mil Contract to Resettle Muslim Refugees Judicial Watch

Media in 2017: It ‘Sticks to Your Boots’MSNBC's Kooky Matthews: Print Reporters Are ‘Heroes,’ Never Heard of GrandeMSNBC’s Tur and Obama Flack Fight Over Who Was Supposed to Smear TrumpCNN, MSNBC Obsess Over Trump Before Being Dragged into ManchesterWashington Post’s / Amazon's Bezos Takes Fire for Bias at His Other Company: AmazonNewsweek Brushes Aside Terror Victims to Highlight Islamophobia ThreatNetworks Quickly Tie Trump to Stock Selloff, Unlike Huge ‘Trump Bump’ News Busters

Does Possible Political Misuse of Intel Tools Deserve Greater Scrutiny?Foreign Influence in Our Government, How it Happens Every DayEight Facts on the “Russian Hacks”12 times Dems, Repubs said no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion; 10 times people claimed there wasInside “The Resistance”Massive increase in searches of NSA data on U.S. citizens during election yearObama-era Surveillance TimelineFake ScienceMedia Bias: A New Chart Sharyl Attkisson

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'I'll hunt down and prosecute the Manchester bomb secrets leaker': Trump vows to punish U.S. source who gave out forensic photos and details to the media after the UK stops sharing intelligence with America'Outta my way, I'm in front!': Trump shoves European leader aside to find his place front and center of NATO group photoDonald Trump warns 'the horror you saw in Manchester will continue forever' if world leaders do not do more to stop 'savage, barbaric' terrorist attacksBritish military crew write 'Love from Manchester' on side of Hellfire missile on its way to blast ISIS targetsYes, American leaks are bloody annoying but the blame for missing the glaring red flags that should have identified the Manchester bomber before he could commit mass-murder lie much closer to homeDid Manchester bomb have two switches in case attacker changed his mind? Killer 'held one detonator in his left hand while terror cell had second remote control trigger''I pulled nails from children's faces': Homeless heroes relive haunting moment they cradled dying women and children in wake of Manchester Arena terror attack Daily Mail

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Chronic Underpayments to NATO: Trump calls on NATO members to contribute 'their fair share'Former U.S. President Barack Obama addressed the church congress saying "we can not hide behind a wall"Manchester bomber: A life on the moveInformation leaked in US affects Manchester bomb probeU.S. appeals court keeps block on Trump's travel banMerkel threatens to pull troops from Turkey's Incirlik military baseU.S. military admits 100 civilian deaths as a result of anti-"Islamic State" (IS) bombingThe Afghan security problemCowboys, nudists and assault charges - Montana's special election showcases new era in U.S. politics Deutsche Welle

Top News Stories - Photos (RT Russia Today) Three men arrested in south Manchester over arena suicide bombingFrance to extend state of emergency, vows new security laws Trump discusses ‘madman Kim & good guy Xi’ in leaked call with Philippines’ Duterte‘Not if, but when’: U.S. intel chief says Kurdish secession from Iraq imminent Taiwan's top court backs same-sex marriage in historic ruling CrossTalk flagship programOp-Edge: 'Inevitable' that North Korea builds nuclear-armed missile able to reach U.S. - intel head RT Russia Today

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Taiwan court rules in favour of gay marriageNorth Korea passed a nuclear threshold - did anybody notice?China has run out of reasons to prop up PyongyangExperts warn of need for online and offline protectionChina’s new Silk Road meeting ‘successful’: Singapore‘Trumponomics’ - and Trump - will be on trial at G7 meetingChina killed or jailed up to 20 U.S. spies in 2010 to 2012, report says - ‘One of the worst U.S. intelligence setbacks in decades’ may have been the result of hacking, code-breaking or betrayal by moles within the CIACIA spy-killing claims ‘show China’s strength in counter-espionage’The secret agents who spied on the U.S. for ChinaOpinion: A theory about who bomber targeted at ‘shameless concert arena’ South China Morning Post

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