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Cops cut NFL security in protest of national anthem kneeling at Miami Dolphins gameAlan Dershowitz: NFL players don't have a constitutional right to kneel during national anthemICE to target employers who hire illegal immigrantsFormer President Jimmy Carter: Media hard on Trump, feel free to claim 'without hesitation' he is 'mentally deranged'Democratic Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson: John Kelly 'a puppet' who 'owes an apology to the American people'The eight prototypes for Trump's border wall (Photos)Trump urges feds to release identity of who paid for 'Trump dossier' after Fusion GPS officials plead the FifthTrump pledges $430,000 of his own money to help cover Russia-related legal bills for associates   Most Read Picks: Widow releases Trump's call after her husband was killed in AfghanistanFrederica Wilson: John Kelly calling me an 'empty barrel' is 'racist'Frederica Wilson pledges not to comment any further on Gold Star widow's phone call with Trump   Washington Secrets: Democrat attacks 'very private' wedding of Pence's Marine sonU.S. immigration population hits record 60 million, 1-of-5 in nation   Commentary: Destruction of the Islamic State is not yet mission accomplishedCut SALT from the GOP tax reform dietJohn Kelly shames the shameless media Washington Examiner

Top News Stories - Photos (International Business Times)

Business lobby groups press David Davis to strike Brexit transition deal'Tormented' Theresa May 'begged' Jean-Claude Juncker for Brexit help says German reportHarrowing photos capture agony of malnourished infant before she dies in Syrian hospitalCzech President shows up at press conference with AK-47 replica marked 'for journalists'Hostage taker shouted 'game over' to terrified customers in dramatic bowling alley siegeJapan's Shinzo Abe clinches two-third majority and promises to 'deal firmly' with North KoreaU.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces claim they captured country's largest oilfield from IsisLabour will back Tory rebels on Brexit deal unless Theresa May changes divorce billBritish universities warned to maintain free speech or face blacklistAngela Merkel suggests EU is ready to begin post-Brexit trade talksBrit tourist Jamie Harron gets 3-month jail term for accidentally touching man's hip at Dubai barUp to 50 children a week - some as young as four - are being referred to gender reassignment specialistsInside the the murky world of alligator hunting - Charlie LeDoux is the Louisiana Alligator Man at war with PETAHarvey Weinstein scandal: Harvey Weinstein denies claims he sexually harassed Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'oQuentin Tarantino says he 'knew enough to do more than I did' on Weinstein sexual assault claims'They are in fear of getting their next job': Kristen Stewart addresses sexual harassment of lower-level workers International Business Times

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Islamic State said to slaughter 128 in revenge campaignPolice arrest dozens in mass East Jerusalem raidU.S. said to ready nukes amid war of words with North KoreaHamas chief: We won’t discuss recognizing Israel, only wiping it outQatari envoy arrives in Gaza amid brewing controversy - Hamas strongly denies report the Gulf nation is unhappy with terror group’s rapprochement with EgyptKnesset reconvenes with an ambitious and controversial agendaUnlike slain soldiers, Israeli civilians missing in Gaza largely overlookedCurrent Lord Balfour says Israel failing to live up to 1917 declarationAfter TV report, US official says no peace proposal ‘imminent’Trump tells Paris, Berlin to ‘keep making money’ with TehranU.S. secretary of state Tillerson demands Iranian militias leave IraqSaudi Arabia denies prince made diplomatic visit to IsraelCops draw flack for marking ultra-Orthodox protesters arms with numbersFriends since day school, these Italian producers now play on the red carpet Times of Isreal

Top News Stories - Photos (Watch Dog On-Line Publications) Corruption Chronicles: State Department Reveals 2,800 Huma Abedin Government Documents on Weiner’s LaptopSomali Who Executed Canadian Terror Attack Entered U.S. Via MexicoU.S. Doesn’t Vet or Assure Departure of Counterterrorism Trainees from Developing NationsFBI Finds 30 Pages of Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Documents – Wants Six Weeks to Turn Over DocsState Department Claims it Has No Records of its Travel Loans to Refugees Who Need Plane Fare U.S. Mayor Assures Mexican Consul His “Sanctuary City” Will Provide Safe Spaces for Illegal Aliens Judicial Watch

Hillary Clinton-Uranium Russian scandal: ABC, NBC Maintain Clinton-Uranium Blackout, CBS Finds It 5 Days LateMSNBC: 'RepubliKlan' Trump Putting 'Segregationists' on the CourtsNew York Times’ Stolberg Hails McCain Whacking Trump, 'Cantankerous' Vs. ObamaABC: Matthew Dowd Questions Kelly’s Intelligence, Claims Lincoln’s GOP Is Gone'Saturday Night Live' Gets a Sex-Toy Boost from PolitiFactNBC Omits Its Role in Creating ‘Shameful Week in American Politics’Networks Keep Skipping Over Bill Clinton, Going from Thomas to TrumpBill Maher Blames Religion for Wars, Claims Communism Was a 'Religion'New York Times’ Eligon Gushes Over Anti-Cop Protesters in High-Crime St. LouisAssociated Press Pollsters Disappointed? Las Vegas Massacre Didn't Change Gun ViewsWashington Post Columnist: Trump Has Beaten the Liberal MediaMSNBC Guest: Trump 'Defecating on Women,' 'Taking Away Rights'Media Ignore Real Democratic ScandalsChris Wallace Doesn't Like Fox Prime-Time Hosts 'Bashing the Media'Trump’s Towel-Throwing: A Case Study in Liberal Media ManipulationNew York Times Reporter: Thumbs Up for 'Trenchant Satire' 'To Kill the President' News Busters

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Former UN Ambassador Samantha Power claims that she did not request hundreds of unmasking in 2016-2017. audioHizballah and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) celebrate victory in Syria audioThe Iran deal fades away. audioAl Qaeda ambush in Niger under investigation & What is to be done? audioAppeasement creates catastrophe: The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won audio John Batchelor (10/19/2017)

White House Chief of Staff Retired General John Kelley: “I Was Stunned and Broken Hearted ... By What I Saw A Member Of Congress Doing” audio Jim Bohannon (10/19/2017)

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U.S. ready to put ‘nuclear bombers on 24-hour alert’ for the first time since the end of the Cold War amid growing tensions with Russia and North KoreaThe heartbreaking cost of searching for a deserter: Three veterans who suffered life-changing injuries in the hunt for Bowe Bergdahl will testify against him as sentencing begins MondayBowe Bergdahl whines that the U.S. treated him WORSE than the Taliban as he faces a life sentence for desertionNiger 'is Trump's Benghazi': 'Wacky' Democrat congresswoman says president handled special forces ambush fallout as badly as Hillary dealt with deaths in LibyaTrump says 'wacky' congresswoman feuding with him over soldier condolence call is 'gift that keeps on giving' and will turn voters off the Democratic PartyDon't capture them, KILL them: Syrian rebels who drove ISIS out of Raqqa were ordered by U.S. advisers to show no mercy to Western jihadists to stop them returning home to carry out terror attacksTrump declares ISIS capital of Raqqa 'liberated' and suggests he's done more in past several months against the group than Obama did in yearsTrump to release secret JFK files: President says he will allow classified documents on 1963 assassination to be made public for the first time Air Force One vet turned high school football ref is SUSPENDED for 18 months after walking out on volleyball game when player took the kneeHow Mueller tried to entrap me: Lawyer who went to Princeton with special prosecutor describes his 'shady' tactics and eagerness to convict as he warns Russia probe should be taken 'with a grain of salt''Democratic Chairman blasts Trump as the 'most dangerous' president everU.S. carrier USS Ronald Reagan patrols off Korean peninsula in warning to Pyongyang as tensions with North Korea continue to rise Daily Mail

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Japan PM Shinzo Abe pledges pressure on North Korea after big election winGerman military: 200 soldiers classified as “far-right” extremists since 2008As AfD joins Bundestag, thousands protest racism in BerlinRohingya crisis - 'These people need all the help they can get'Philippines declares end to battle with Islamist militants in MarawiU.S.-backed SDF captures Syria's largest oil field from 'Islamic State'German army restarts training Iraqi Kurds, but future of mission in doubtArgentina: Mauricio Macri's center-right coalition set for big election gainsLombardy, Veneto - Italy's two richest regions - vote for greater autonomyCatalonia: Fears that Madrid's decision to dissolve province's authority opens Pandora's boxBrexit: UK's Theresa May should 'accept reality,' says EU negotiatorRussian jail frees Vladimir Putin opponent Alexei NavalnyAlexei Navalny - Russia's barred presidential candidateSlovenia's President Borut Pahor fails to win majority, faces runoffGerman President Horst Köhler heads new UN bid to resolve Western Sahara disputeAfrica rising to meet future population challengesReichsbürger trial: Man sentenced to life for murdering police officerOpinion: Trouble brewing in every corner of Europe Deutsche Welle

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‘World is a dangerous place’: U.S. prepares to put B-52 nuclear bombers on high alertCatalan officials won’t follow Madrid orders, but will of Catalan people - region’s spokesman‘We don’t need you on this’: Trump says U.S. can pressure Iran without EU’s helpHong Kong: Chilling CCTV VIDEO captures man pushing woman on rail track in cold bloodIndonesian military chief invited to U.S., then barred from entering at last minute‘Leveled like Dresden’: Raqqa aid haste hints at cover up of ‘barbaric destruction’ - Moscow‘Other side of the galaxy’: Interstellar survey paves way for detailed map of the Milky WayCrossTalk flagship programOp-Edge: ‘Useful idiots?’ George Soros’ Prague lobbyists direct their fire at RT guests RT Russia Today

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Will Xi Jinping be elevated to the same status as Mao? - Support appears to be growing for move that would formally enshrine leader’s place in the Communist Party’s theoriesXi Jinping’s ‘thought’ to become compulsory school topic in ChinaIs greying China ready to drop all limits on birth control?Meet the Hong Kong designer giving Mao Zedong a makeover China’s pension fund has US$317 billion up its sleeve ... and now it’s shopping for overseas investmentsAnti-graft tsar Wang Qishan, a key ally of President Xi Jinping, could be given position on powerful National Security CommissionAnalysis: what China’s leadership reshuffle means for Xi Jinping’s New EraOpinion: The risk of the middle-income trap just increased for China South China Morning Post

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