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Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel will attack Iran if necessaryTrump: I've 'never gotten over' that no one's investigated money sent to Iran in nuclear dealTim Scott: The system to prevent mass shootings is in place, it just needs to be followed properlyTrump scolds FBI for missing 'many signs' from Florida shooter, being too focused on Russia collusionThe Mueller Indictments: Explained   Most Read Picks: Latest Mueller indictment complicates Russian collusion narrativeFBI acknowledges it received a tip on the Florida school shooter last month, but failed to act on itICE nabs 195 criminal illegal immigrants during workplace inspections in Los AngelesTrump claims Democrats have 'totally abandoned' DACA recipientsHere comes Mitt Romney   Washington Secrets: Adam Schiff blames media for Washington partisanshipCops, FBI, Border agents, 'absolutely enthralled' with Trump   Commentary: A non-alarmist reading of the Mueller Russia indictmentIt's not shocking that a few reporters pushed North Korean propaganda, but it is shocking that so many of them did Washington Examiner

Top News Stories - Photos (International Business Times)

Theresa May attacks overpriced tuition fees and says you don't have go to university to succeedOutsourcing to Capita blamed for UK Army manpower crisis despite record numbers applyingOxfam accused of cover up by redacting aid worker names in Haiti scandalWill Israel launch an all-out offensive against Iran as Netanyahu threatens?Hotel accuses father of 14-year-old girl of being paedophile while they visit cancer-stricken mumAmerican Airlines employee saves two teenage girls from possible human trafficking plot'Death cult:' Ukip's Gerard Batten stands by hateful postsRare 300-year-old 'sex manual' features monsters and witchcraftNew study of Picasso's La Miséreuse accroupie reveals secretSinabung volcano erupts and sends a towering ash column into the sky   Business/Technology: Bill Gates says the rich should pay 'significantly higher' taxesHoneytrap: Can Nectar finally deliver greater customer loyalty for Sainsburys?Bitcoin tips: Wild ride from $900 to $20,000U.S. Air Force plans doomsday satellites to survive a nuclear warU.S. Navy's Super Hornet will take down missiles in the air International Business Times

Top News Stories - Photos (Times of Isreal)

Waving piece of downed drone, PM threatens direct military action against IranU.S. Jewish leaders gush about visit to ‘tolerant’ United Arab EmiratesPoland PM’s remarks not ‘intended to deny the Holocaust,’ office saysMinisters back bill slashing Palestinian Authority (PA) funding over terror payouts - Legislation would allow Defense Ministry to deduct sum of Ramallah's welfare payments to Palestinian prisoners and their families from tax revenues transferred to PA2 Palestinians killed by IDF tank fire on border, Gaza health ministry saysHamas says it used anti-aircraft missiles against Israeli jets over GazaNetanyahu vows Israel will respond to Gaza bombing as IAF hits targets in StripPalestinian groups praise attack on IDF patrol, warn Israel not to retaliateDr. Alice Shalvi: Equal education of Orthodox women is changing Israeli societySmart cities are wide open to cyber-attacks, experts warn   POPULAR: As Jewish community reels, Florida victims remembered for their kindnessHuckabee says U.S. should follow Israel’s lead to prevent mass shootingsThe Jewish sheriff at Florida shooting cites Talmudic verse as his motivation Times of Isreal

Top News Stories - Photos (Watch Dog On-Line Publications) Corruption Chronicles: ARKANSAS & THE CLINTON CONNECTIONJudicial Watch Sues State Department for Samantha Powers Unmasking Documentsllegal Alien in Florida Drug Bust Deported 3 Times, Easily Reentered U.S.Why Judicial Watch wants to see underlying FISA applicationsRadical Islamic Scholar Hillary Let Back into U.S. as Secretary of State Jailed for RapeObamacare Recruiters Get $1.2 Billion Under Proposed LawVA Secretary Against Prosecuting Army Vet for “Posting” U.S. Flag, Misled by Staff Judicial Watch

Open Letter to ABC: Apologize for Bigotry Against ChristiansAssociated Press Finally Walks Back False Claim About Nikolas Cruz White NationalismIf Sarah Sanders Smacked the Press FAKE NEWS OMISSIONS and DISTORTIONS: Washington Post Spin: Trump Doesn't Like Victims, He Prefers First RespondersMinneapolis TV Station Puzzled by More Guns, Less Crime in MinnesotaChris Rock Humor: Racist Cops Say Oops, 'We Gotta Shoot a White Kid!'After Florida, the Media’s Silence on the Value of Some LivesFilm Critics Lose Their Minds Over Eastwood’s Patriotic ‘Paris’New York Times Hype: New Indictments Make Trump 'Hoax Claim Harder to Sell'This Week in Media Bias History: Fawning Over Tears of Tyrant Sloppy Media Elites Imagine Racism in Sessions 'Anglo-American' RemarkMSNBC Paints NRA Funding as Negating 'Thoughts & Prayers' By GOPersCan’t Let It Go: CNN Hung Up on Collusion Despite Mueller IndictmentsInsane Hypocrisy: Here’s What Candidate Joe Scarborough Told the NRA News Busters

Top News Stories - Photos
Top News Stories - Photos (Daily Mail)

'WTF is going on?' Fergie's bizarre National Anthem rendition during NBA All-Star game is panned as the 'worst ever' as A-list crowd including Beyonce watch onHero student, 15, was shot five times while using his body as a human shield to save 20 of his classmates in Florida high school shootingTrump blames FBI for Florida school shooting and says agency is 'spending too much time' trying to prove Russia collusion rather than focusing on 'the basics' during his Mar-a-Lago evening outFlorida shooter: A history of violence - yet STILL he was able to buy an AR-15-style rifleSchool shooter Nikolas Cruz's younger brother, 17, is 'involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility' following the massacre'If you can't buy a handgun or a bottle of beer, you shouldn't be able to buy an AR-15:' Senator Dianne Feinstein announces plans for new law that will raise the federal age limit to buy a long-rifle from 18 to 21Best photographs in the world are revealed Daily Mail

Top News Stories - Photos (Deutsche Welle)

Syrian army to help Kurdish forces repel Turkish offensive in Afrin: reportsGermany's Bundeswehr 'lacks basic equipment' for NATO missionMerkel taps possible successor Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer as next CDU secretary generalWinter Olympics: Anti-doping case opened against Russian curlerAustralia, U.S., India, Japan mulling 'infrastructure scheme to rival China'Neighboring Serbia still claims Kosovo as its province floats joint president ideaHungary's Orban threatens pro-refugee NGOs, slams Muslim immigrationUncertainty, Eastern Europe and Central Asia have been caught between western Europe and Russia since the Cold War endedFive people killed in Russia church shootingEchoes of 1968 anti-Semitic campaign haunt Poland 50 years onIran and Saudi Arabia need a 'fresh security architecture'Russia's Lavrov dismisses U.S. election claims as 'blabber'Winter Olympics: Day 10Opinion: Munich Security Conference - the end of diplomacy? Deutsche Welle

Top News Stories - Photos (RT Russia Today)

U.S. must immediately leave area it controls in southern Syria - LavrovCCTV captures the moment shooter opens fire on Russian churchgoers (DISTURBING VIDEO)Syria pro-govt forces to enter Afrin ‘within hours’ amid Turkish military op - state mediaBitcoin surging higher after mystery trader buys $344mn in cryptocurrencyFlash dance: Costume malfunction leaves French Olympic figure skaters red-faced (PHOTOS)Children’s crusade: Teen survivors of Florida shooting plan anti-gun march on D.C.Op-Edge: Indictment of Russians over U.S. election meddling is case of pot calling the kettle black RT Russia Today

Top News Stories - Photos (South China Morning Post)

North Korea crisis: U.S.-South Korea drills to go on despite North Korea’s charm offensiveNepal leader vows to revive Chinese dam projectChina’s Rainbow 4 drones proving their worth overseas, paper saysHow Hong Kong might have looked: the landmarks that didn’t get off the groundImran Khan’s new bride is also his spiritual adviserOpinion: Trump versus China: is this the dawn of a second cold war?Philippines seethes over Chinese build-up in South China Sea South China Morning Post

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