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Trump slams 'fake news' interview about Brexit, says UK trade deal still possibleLouie Gohmert on why he went there with Peter Strzok: 'It's the lying'Trump says Peter Strzok's testimony points to a 'rigged witch hunt'Peter Strzok defiant, apologetic as Congress shows its combative sideNikki Haley unveils 89 examples of North Korea smuggling oil, calls for supply cutoffHouse votes to rein in unfunded federal mandatesDemocrats seeking to abolish ICE announce they will vote against their own bill

Editor's Picks: Jobless claims plunge to 214,000, lowest since MayPeter Strzok says he can't recall changing Hillary Clinton exoneration statement on his computerRepublicans threaten disgrased Trump-hating FBI agent Peter Strzok with contempt for refusing to answer first question in tense hearingPeter Strzok says he can't recall changing Clinton exoneration statement on his computerWATCH: Peter Strzok forced to read his own anti-Trump textsSenate plans to push ahead with Trump's lower court nominees amid Supreme Court vacancyPeter Strzok denies bias, wins Democratic applause after bashing Trump's 'horrible, disgusting behavior'Asylum seekers, refugees will be turned away before they can plead their case under new border policy

Commentary - Washington Secrets - Red Alert: LONDON — On Friday, tens of thousands of protesters are gathering here in England's capital to express their lament of President Trump's ongoing trip to the United KingdomTrump is right that Germany is too cozy with RussiaAfter the Annapolis shooting, the anti-gun crowd's silence is deafeningLiberals won’t mind Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s religion, but they’ll attack his devotionCostco radically changes menu to appease millennials Washington Examiner

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Trump denies blasting UK’s May in interview, says he’s okay with her trade plansIsrael shoots down Syrian drone flying over demilitarized zoneTop Iran official Velyati: We will only leave Syria if Assad, Baghdad ask us toAnalysis: Emerging deal on Syria will likely curb, but not end, Iran’s presence Countering Netanyahu, top US senator again warns Israel about Syrian regimeKidnapped Israeli Arab boy held in West Bank released after 3 days in captivityPolice arrest 4 suspects as hunt for kidnapped 7-year-old continues

‘Defying its nationalist fans, Budapest soccer club kicks out anti-Semitism74 people die in Pakistan election rally bombingIsraeli study finds positive emotions may shrink cancer tumorsTerrorist who declared ‘war on Crusaders, Jews’ campaigning in Pakistan electionPalestinians say 15-year-old killed in Gaza border clashesEU envoy denies using ‘derogatory language’ to describe Jewish state billIsrael summons EU envoy for dressing down in clash over Jewish state billBy allowing towns to segregate, Israel may cross a different kind of red lineBennett pushing to soften proposal allowing Jewish-only communitiesMK slammed for likening ‘Jewish State bill’ to Nazi-era evilFrench Jewish woman’s killer found unfit to stand trial in 2nd evaluationCalifornia Assembly Democrat accuses Israel of genocide, backs FarrakhanLiberman calls on ‘hypocritical’ Europeans to cut ties with Iran

MOST READ: Top Iranian general: Forces in Syria ‘awaiting orders’ to destroy IsraelAncient city gate uncovered in the Galilee may have tie to biblical King DavidIDF intercepts Syrian drone that penetrated 10 kilometers into IsraelIsrael ranked 8th most powerful country in the worldFrench Jewish family told to remove mezuzah outside apartmentIsraeli spacecraft aims for historic moon landing… within monthsTop Iranian general: Forces in Syria ‘awaiting orders’ to destroy Israel Times of Israel

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Stocks Decline as Oil Tumbles, Dollar Rallies: Markets WrapTrump Floats Idea NATO Allies Should Double Defense Spending TargetFlash Boys on the Farm? Arms Race Gets Unleashed Over Crop DataU.S.-China Trade Talks Grind to a HaltPapa John's Slides After Founder Finds Himself in Hot Water AgainJudge Orders Manafort to Be Transferred to Different JailMortgages May Cost Borrowers More Due to Reform Proposal, Pimco SaysEx-Tesla Worker Escalates Battle by Blowing Whistle to SECThese Companies Are the Titans of JunkBattle for House Control Runs Through California's Orange CountyTwitter's Crackdown on Fake Accounts Will Make You Look Less PopularA Banker, an Intern and a Reckoning for Wall Street Bro CultureBen & Jerry’s Hasn’t Cleaned Up Its Act, Consumer Group Claims

Trending: Trump and Merkel Exchange Barbs in Showdown Over Russia’s PipelineTrump’s Tariff Barrage Pushes China Fight to Point of No ReturnCrude Crumbles Under Trade War That Imperils Economic GrowthStocks Quants Are Reeling From the Worst Run in 8 YearsMobius Says Trade War Is Just a Warm-Up Act for Financial CrisisDe Blasio Says Guards Falsely Accused Him of Unlawfully Crossing BorderPruitt’s Successor Addresses EPA Staff, Promises to Defend WorkerYouTube TV Goes Dark for an Hour During World Cup Semifinals Sony Eliminates Jobs to Streamline Marketing, Distribution Removing the Hidden Obstacle Holding Back New Cancer TherapiesCrypto Crime Is a Focus of Trump's New Task Force on Consumer Fraud

Commentary:The Reason Merger Arbitrage Funds Aren’t Doing WellWhere’s Your Raise? It Should Be ComingNew Weapons Against Antibiotic-Resistant BacteriaWhy Productivity Isn’t Keeping Up With Technology Bloomberg

CORRUPTION CHRONICLES - Mainstream Media Scream: (Watch Dog On-Line Publications) Corruption Chronicles: JUDICIAL WATCH: NEW HHS DOCUMENTS REVEAL THAT ‘UNACCOMPANIED ALIEN CHILDREN’ PROCESSED DURING OBAMA YEARS INCLUDED VIOLENT CRIMINALS, DRUG SMUGGLERS, AND HUMAN TRAFFICKERSJudicial Watch 60 Seconds: ‘Refugees’ Admitted to Murder for Drug Cartels, Prostitution, and Sexual PredationCalls to Abolish ICE Omit that Majority of Immigrants Agency Arrests are Convicted CriminalsJudicial Watch Statement on Supreme Court Nominee Brett KavanaughScandal-Plagued Government Agency Must Pay Artist $3.5 Mil for Stealing His Work Judicial Watch Sues DOJ for Records About Raid on Michael Cohen’s Office, Home and Hotel RoomCalls to Abolish ICE Omit that Majority of Immigrants Agency Arrests are Convicted CriminalsUrging Violence against Trump Cabinet Sinks Maxine Waters’ Scandal-Plagued Career to a New Low “Agents” Emails, Inside the Mind of Bill de Blasio Judicial Watch

FAKE NEWS OMISSIONS and DISTORTIONS: MSNBC Slams ‘Sleazy,’ ‘Evil’ McConnell for Blocking Merrick GarlandMSNBC: Wait, What? Chris Matthews Condemns Trump’s ‘Brain Soup,’ ‘Psychobabble’CBS Skips Actor Pretending to Be a Veteran to Mock Sarah PalinConfused Alyssa Milano to Trump: ‘Leave My Boobs Alone!’Coaches Come to Jordan’s Defense...And the Media Ignores ThemLatino Director Ken Oliver-Mendez: Univision Skips Record-Low Hispanic UnemploymentCNN Breaking News: John Kelly Drank WaterCBS’s The Late Show: Stephen Colbert Pathetically Trashes Trump for Picking ‘White Guy’ for SCOTUSCNN Downplays Trump Admin Exposing Some Illegal Parents as FraudsNetworks Tout Dems ‘Launching All-Out War’ Against KavanaughA New Court Nominee, But TV News Employs Same Old Biased ScriptABC Good Morning America Worries Trump's ‘Blowing Up NATO’, 'Doing It His Way'ABC/NBC Edit Out Euro Leader Scolding Europe for Low Defense SpendingThe Media vs. Brett Kavanaugh News Busters

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Top News Stories - Photos (Daily Mail)

‘Whatever you do is OK by us!' President Trump BACKS Theresa May's Brexit vision and says US-UK relationship is 'the highest level of special' as he brands his own interview 'FAKE NEWS'Why do so many people hate Trump for telling truths they don’t want to hear? Isn’t that what ALL politicians are supposed to do?The etiquette the President should follow at Windsor Castle - including waiting for Her Majesty to shake HIS handAnti-Trump protestors take over central London: 100,000 march through the streets of the capital to demonstrate against Presidential visit Trump calls the Washington Post a 'lobbyist for Amazon' as he takes his 'fake news' attack to LondonLondon Mayor Sadiq Khan hits back at Trump's jibe that he has done 'a very bad job' protecting London from terrorism saying the U.S. president has NOT criticized mayors of other cities targeted by extremistsTrump's hard-line trade advisor Peter Navarro calls Germany a 'problem' and declares: 'The emperor in Europe has no clothes'‘I’m a stable genius!’ Trump declares victory in battle with NATO saying he has forced countries to pay $33bn more on defense after he 'threatened to leave' 'We dug for our lives': One of 12 boys trapped in a flooded Thai cave tells for the first time how they had to shovel mud with their hands to escape rising waterMillennial women are 50% more likely to suffer depression during pregnancy than their mothers'It mocked middle class Americans. It mocked our values. It mocked the disabled': Sarah Palin reveals why she walked out of Sacha Baron Cohen's 'humiliating' interview Daily Mail

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Germany - Europe: Donald Trump and Theresa May commit to free trade agreement, dismiss tabloid interviewLondon protests against Donald Trump kick off with 'Trump baby' blimpJean-Claude Juncker: Germany has EU president's back despite NATO stumblingFrance to deploy 110,000 police for the Bastille Day, World Cup finalsTurkey's Gulen movement on the rise in GermanyBin Laden's suspected bodyguard Sami A. deported from GermanyHamburg drivers caught breaching diesel banPolice in Germany mistakenly beat victim of anti-Semitic attackItalians likely to scupper EU-Canada free trade deal103-year-old German woman thwarts robbers by chasing them off with caneChina and Germany drew closer together at the recent inter-governmental summit in Berlin but considerable differences still separate the two nationsGermany's neo-Nazi NSU trial verdict sparks protests, calls for investigation

In Syria, rebel defeat marks 'end of revolution'Greenland iceberg could cause tsunami, authorities warn Innaarsuit IslandDefiant former PM Nawaz Sharif faces jail upon Pakistan returnThai cave rescue: Child psychologist warns media hype is harmful to kids Vaping Air China co-pilot causes plane to plunge 25,000 feet Deutsche Welle

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North Korea Nuclear Crisis: Read the ‘very nice’ letter Kim Jong-un sent Trump last week - Trump says China may be pressuring Kim on nuclear deal because of trade warU.S. lifts ZTE ban, allowing Chinese telecoms company to reopenAir China will fire pilots in vaping fiasco that led to plane’s 25,000-foot plungeRobert Mueller indicts 12 Russian intelligence officers for hacking U.S. Democrats in 2016 presidential elFour Thai boys rescued from cave, but it could take days to free restMalaysia’s 1MDB scandal: a Razak family affair?True dominance of China's big three internet companies revealedCould these be the murdered wife and son of China’s first emperor?

Opinion: Six sensible steps the EU and China can take during the “trade war”Rape, murder and child neglect: true psychological toll on jurors revealedIf Singapore is Hong Kong’s role model, let’s hope it’s only for housing South China Morning Post

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Mueller indicts 12 Russians for 2016 presidential election hacking offences UK police claim to have found bottle containing 'Novichok' nerve agent in Amesbury victim’s houseLondon anti-Trump rally: Gripping images that caught the mood (WATCH LIVE)Trump ruffles allies' feathers with indelicate statecraft during European tour U.S. proxies in Syria failed, direct NATO action will end in shame - Iran’s top adviserOp-Edge: Trump arrives in the UK wielding a Brexit dagger, 'a true friend stabs you in the front' Putin on the Trump: ‘New York’ goes tinfoil hat, claims Soviet-era kompromat on The Donald RT Russia Today

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